Our First UGC Study Guide Showcase

It’s been almost a month since we released a new feature that allows registered users to create their own Study Guides on Answers. Now we want to showcase some of our favorites! 

One user created a Q&A-based guide centered on U.S. History and government.

U.S. History and Government:

Another utilized the feature to quiz herself on Latin vocabulary.

The focus of this user guide was memorizing the State capitals.

Kudos to this user who got extra creative with the definitions on her Plate Tectonic guide.

Plate Tectonic Study Guide:

This math guide serves as a multiplication chart for the 2 times table. 

And finally, one user made her own Harry Potter trivia quiz!

Harry Potter Trivia:

Check out these guides and many more on our Study Guides page. And if you want to try making one yourself, you can create your own here.