The #AnswersFirstDate Challenge

Ever stuck for what to say on a first date? Well, we’ve got the absolute worst solution possible for you today. It’s called the #AnswersFirstDate challenge, and it’s surely the worst thing to happen to your dating life since quarantine.

Intrigued? Here’s the deal: See that “Random” button in the left sidebar on Answers? (Or on your mobile device, see that “Random” button after you hit the three bars in the top right?)

Hit that button. You’ll get taken to a completely random topic page—we have a lot of them, so it could be as broad as “Math” or as specific as “Tortillas.” Scroll down to the third question within that topic and take a look. That’s now your opening line on every first date from here on out. How bad is it, and how would you make it work? 

Share your results with us by using #AnswersFirstDate on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! We’ll be watching out for the best (or most tragic) results and sharing them to our feeds (we’re @joinanswers on every platform). Make sure to follow us and check back to see if yours got picked!