The Main Types of Questions on Answers

If you’ve yet to post your first question on Answers, overwhelmed by the possibilities, fear not. This post is dedicated to breaking down the main kinds of questions we see, hopefully giving you some inspiration on what to pose to the Answers community.

These categories, though, are just jumping-off points. More than anything, we hope they inspire you to ask the questions you really want answered, whether they fit into these molds or not. 

Discussion Questions

Just want to talk about your favorite things with like-minded (or not) people? The discussion question is the way to go. Super specific or super broad, serious or silly, Answers is a great place for a good chat. 

Academic Questions

During that nightly homework slog, there’s often a point where you just can’t go on without a little extra help. You know, some thoughtful (and very innocent!) mental pickle about an aspect of question 12 on your math worksheet, or whatever’s tripping you up. The Answers community is glad to help you out—we’ve got a treasure trove of academic rigor for you to peruse the next time you need to stand on the shoulders of giants to get those problems done. 

Advice Questions

The advice question seeks a betterment to a situation—friend drama, are-they-or-aren’t-they relationships, family feuds, etc. The Answers community has got your back.

These questions are dramatic and messy and we love them for it. Obviously, you should speak to a mental health professional if something really serious is going on, and you should never share sensitive personal information online, but if there’s a small situation you aren’t quite sure how to handle and want to crowdsource a response, there are definitely caring answerers who want to help you out.

Random Curiosities

The world is filled with such wild and wonderful and silly and profound things. Most of it escapes our comprehension, and more often, our notice. But on Answers, a good chunk of our users have insightful questions about the beautiful, stupid world around them—from “What is deep time?” to “What do you call a single spaghetti noodle?” Finding the right answers can make the world look a lot brighter, even if just for a minute.

Barf. Sorry for getting so sappy on you there. Basically, you can brush up for your next trivia night with this kind of question, or find a deeper meaning to your pitiful little existence, if you’re looking for it. What more could you ask for?