What do you love about Answers?

We’re feeling grateful, gang. We woke up this morning swelling with appreciation for the quirky, inquisitive place that is Answers.com—and we’re feeling this way because of you, the Answers community that serves as its heartbeat. You pose such interesting questions, you answer them in the most profound of ways, you comment kindly, react honestly…you make Answers a truly cool place to be.

So, what do you like about this crazy place? What makes it worthy of your use? We asked our teammates what they love about Answers—they tend to use it quite a lot—and this is what they said:

Julia, Product Content Manager: I love how easy it is to fall down a rabbit hole on Answers.com. You may come in with a very specific question but then end up spending 20 minutes bouncing around from page to page and learning a bunch of cool stuff you’d never even thought about before.

Curtis, SVP of Engineering: I love the new look of the site (I’m biased, of course), along with new features like reactions and comments! I also ❤️ how fast the site is.

Mitch, Software Engineer: I love the creative answers to the open ended questions.

Evan, Copy Editor Team Lead: I love stumbling on little pieces of history. There’s so much history on Answers, and in searching through the current Qs and As, I’ll occasionally slip right into the past. I’ll find gems from years gone by—little time capsules about sports in 2009, or a celebrity in 2012, and so on. Of course, I’ll add a new answer to get it to 2020; it’s just cool to see what people were thinking back then. It’s like Pompeii.

Chris, CFO: When I’m looking for a brain teaser, a recommendation of a favorite recipe, or wanting to brush up on some trivia…Answers is my one-stop shop. And of course rattling off answers to others’ questions or engaging with other users is enjoyable, too. Whether on my phone or computer, it’s a fun and easy platform to use, and new features are being rolled out all the time making it even better.

Katie, Copy Editor: There is a special place in my heart for the really random, weird, silly facts that you come across scrolling through Answers. There’s some really niche stuff on the site, and I love that it found a home.

John, Software Engineer: My favorite thing about Answers is its history. I mean, I was using it in college almost 20 years ago! And for the most part, the site’s backbone is largely unchanged.

Jessica, UX/UI Designer: I would say the funny/creative answers. And more vaguely, just the range of questions and answers—academic to pop culture to how tos.

That’s us, but what about you?

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